Social Responsibility

Homen Borgohain’s role as a social activist has drawn attention through his contribution to pioneering activities in charity and health awareness among the public. Borgohain’s role as a social activist begins right from his role as a versatile writer. From his innumerable essays and articles it becomes clear that he intended them to be read by young and old, by which he wanted to open a big window to the world for them to inhale the experiences of great value.

The birth of his brainchild Karundhara – a charity trust founded on the 12th February, 2011 was with the aim to provide financial aid to the differently-abled persons. The trust has already been drawing attention and has been strengthened by donations from people from all walks of life. Karunadhara has expanded its area of activities to a great extent by involving people from all over Assam in carrying out the responsibilities of collection of donations and finding out the physically-challenged persons in need of financial assistance for medical facilities etc. Homen Borgohain’s motto as a humanist has been reflected through his association with Karunadhara.

Another noteworthy aspect of Borgohain as an editor of a daily is visible in his encouragement and scope of writing provided to the differently-abled youths. A number of talented writers have emerged through this platform. Sharmistha, Anindita, are only a few among them. They are even credited with publishing their individual books with encouragement and patronage from people like Home Borgohain.

Nurturing Young Talent

Homen Borgohain is known to have been greatly concerned about discovering new talents by judging their writings and encouraging them by giving scope to them in the papers or the magazines that flourished during his editorship. The process seems to be still going on and Assam has witnessed upcoming writers discovered under his patronage occupying important portfolios in different literary establishments. A number of familiar names in the present Assamese literary scenario were his discovery and that includes names such as Gyanpeeth Award winner Mamoni Roisom Goswami, popular women writers like Anuradha Sharma Pujari, Monikuntala Bhhattacharyya, poets Samir Tanti, Pronoy Phukan and the list goes on.

In an interview with a state private channel News Live, Borgohain had categorically stated that he believed the society moves forward only when the new generation shoulders the responsibility of the same. So it is extremely important to identify people with caliber and he was trying to do just that. He proudly proclaims that no one else in Assam has discovered as many talents as he has discovered so far in the literary world. It has been one of the most satisfactory as well as favourite responsibilities shouldered by Borgohain all along in his capacity as a journalist and writer.